Smart by Design Project

The aim of the project is to develop the competences of SME managers and owners to drive smart disruptive technology business. ​The duration of the project is 2 years, starting in October 2019.


·      Developing capabilities and competences framework for smart economy

·     Developing especially the empathy towards the citizens in the local environment of the SME managers as their new customers and consumers under the umbrella of smart city

·      Preparing for the next level of ICT connectivity called “city-as-a-platform”

·      Supporting the uptake and use of digital technologies to create innovations to serve the needs of the society and the citizens and thus tap on social skills

·      Self-learning of managers and owners who drive successful digitally innovative businesses

·      covering domains such as: open innovation; innovation management standards group under CEN/TS 16555


·      1 Managers, owners and employees of SMEs who are already in the smart technologies field

·      2 Managers, owners and staff who want or plan to move to smart technologies

·      3 ICT and innovative SMEs

·      4 Smart City units of municipalities

·      5 VET providers of smart city education and trainings

·      6 Policy makers, representatives of stakeholders, experts and practitioners in the fields: smart city development and smart city projects

·      7 Social partners and citizens organizations




·      SME Managers

·      Owners of smart city technologies businesses



·      VET trainers


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