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What is the "Cybersecurity Made in Europe" label?

It is an industry-driven marketing tool, designed to promote European cybersecurity companies and increase their visibility on the European and on the global marketl

The lack of any such tool at the European level and the need to advance Europe’s strategic autonomy prompted European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) to create the Cybersecurity Made In Europe Label

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Which are the benefits?


Es un elemento diferenciador  en el sector basado en la ubicación geográfica


Sensibilizar sobre el valor estratégico de las empresas de ciberseguridad originarias de Europa  y que desarrollan su actividad basándose en valores europeos de confianza


 The Label increases companies' visibility
 among potential business partners, end-users and cybersecurity investors


What are the criteria?



The company is a legal entity, headquartered in Europe. If the company is a part of a group, then the group headquarters must be registered in Europe.

European ownership

The company must provide reasonable assurance (declaring ownership structure, majority stakes) that there is no major ownership/control from the outside Europe

Europe as a primary business place

The company must demonstrate that it has >50% of cybersecurity R&D activities and >50% of staff (FTE) loProcated in the EU27, EFTA, EEA countries and the UK

Trustworthy cybersecurity products and services

The company declares to comply with the basic requirements defined by the ENISA’s ‘Indispensable baseline security requirements for the secure ICT products and services’, including no-spy declaration, which ensures that no offered product or solution contains backdoors (non-declared functionality)

Data and privacy

The company declares to be GDPR compliant

Si tenéis interés en en obtener el sello "Cybersecurity Made in Europe",  podéis comprobar el proceso en la posterior junto con la documentación necesaria para proceder y en caso de tener cualquier duda o cuestión ponte en contacto a través del correo electrónico   y trataremos de responderla. 

Documentation to be submitted by the companies

(Plantillas disponibles en este enlace)


 Completed ‘Cybersecurity Made In Europe’ application form  (Template attached)


Icluding the declaration of the ownership structure, majority stakes and proof of the majority of R&D activities in Europe  (Free form)


With ENISA's Indispensable baseline security requirements for the secure ICT products and services’ (Template attached)


Signed by the CEO or any authorised signatory of the company with power of attorney, declaring the correctness of the application format   (Free form)


For the processing fee for issuing the Label   (Free form)

The price will vary depending on whether they are a Cybasque partner or not 

Price for Cybasque members: 450 €

Price for Cybasque non-members: 900 €

Until the payment to Cybasque is received, the right to the stamp will not be issued to the companies