Update on SCYG project

Cluster GAIA is immersed in an exciting collaborative project, "Smart Cities for Young Generations. #SecureGreenDigital," funded by the Erasmus+ program. This innovative project features the prominent participation of diverse partners, including FERI Fundacja Edukacji Rozwoju I Innowacji, EDU SMART TRAINING CENTRE LIMITED (Ireland 🇮🇪☘️🇪🇺), Green Industry, Innovations and Technology Transfer Foundation, Cluster GAIA, and #SmartSecureNetwork.

In the recent team meeting, crucial discussions centered around the development of educational materials. The primary focus was on green digital solutions and the circular economy within the context of smart cities. This collaborative effort aims to provide students and educators with a deep dive into the fascinating world of smart cities through a series of innovative courses.

The initiative stands out not only for its educational focus but also for the diversity and expertise of the involved partners. From FERI Fundacja Edukacji Rozwoju I Innowacji to EDU SMART TRAINING CENTRE LIMITED, each entity brings specialized knowledge to enrich educational content and ensure a comprehensive learning experience.

Planned courses will address key topics, ranging from emerging technologies in smart cities to sustainable practices in urban design. Students and educators will have the opportunity to explore the latest trends and challenges in smart city development, contributing to the shaping of a new generation of conscious leaders geared toward a sustainable future.

The project not only emphasizes education but also promotes international collaboration and networking. The inclusion of partners from different parts of the world, such as EDU SMART TRAINING CENTRE LIMITED, adds a global dimension to the initiative, fostering the exchange of knowledge and best practices internationally.

To stay updated on progress and gain insights into the inspiring courses and projects developed by Cluster GAIA and its partners, we invite you to follow our journey through the following link: https://www.erasmus-y.ssnetworks.eu/abou

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