Exploring Mazovia's Innovation Hub: GAIA will participate in the Three-Day Business Mission in Warsaw, Poland

Mission from the 29th to 31st of January

Join us on an exciting journey to the heart of innovation in Poland. GAIA will participate in a free three-day business mission in the Mazovia region organized by our partner Mazovia ICT Cluster, centered around Warsaw.

From January 29 to 31, 2024, participants will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the dynamic soul of Mazovia, a melting pot for innovation and economic growth.

Key Themes and Topics

This business mission promises a diverse range of experiences, focusing on key topics that define Mazovia's innovation landscape:

  • Green Energy - Smart Grid –Smart City: Explore sustainable energy solutions, smart grid technologies, and initiatives shaping smarter, more sustainable cities for a greener future.

  • Business System Solutions and Industry 4.0: Stay competitive in the digital era with insights into business system solutions and Industry 4.0, driving efficiency, automation, and growth for businesses.

  • Fin-tech & Med-tech: Dive into the future of finance and healthcare, witnessing revolutionary developments in financial technology and cutting-edge medical technologies.

  • Aerospace & GIS: Reach for the skies with aerospace expertise and harness the power of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for enhanced decision-making and problem-solving.

  • Environmental Protection and Agriculture: Commit to a sustainable future as the mission actively contributes to environmental protection and agriculture, creating solutions for a cleaner, more efficient planet.

Advantages for Participants

  • Familiarization with the Mazovia region and valuable local contacts.

  • Organized company visits to gain firsthand insights into Mazovia's industries.

  • Individual B2B meetings for networking and potential collaborations.

  • Financial support of €305* for travel expenses.


Mazovia - Poland's Hub of Development

Mazovia stands as one of Poland's most economically diverse regions, boasting a resilient and stable economic base. Warsaw, as the capital, serves as the financial and economic center, while Mazovia's central location and well-developed infrastructure make it attractive for various industries.

Mazovia Cluster ICT - Your Gateway to Collaborative Excellence

As a project partner of EXCITE, the Mazovia Cluster ICT (MCICT) is a premier cooperation platform comprising over 400 dynamic companies, 300,000 skilled professionals, and generating over Euro 5 billion in revenues. MCICT focuses on initiating, creating, and managing Polish and International Project Consortia, driving economic growth, technological advancement, and sustainable development.

Agenda & Registration

The detailed agenda for the three-day mission can be found here . Use this link to register and make the most out of this unique opportunity. In case you have any other doubt, contact Ewa Rekosz at erekosz@gmail.com.

Financial Support: Participating SMEs, RTOs, and clusters can benefit from financial support within the frame of the EXCITE project. Receive a €305 lump sum/organization for your attendance during the three full days of the mission.

GAIA invites you to explore Mazovia's thriving innovation ecosystem, providing a comprehensive insight into the region's potential for cooperation and partnership. Don't miss out on this opportunity to witness cutting-edge innovations, build valuable networks, and contribute to the collaborative excellence that defines Mazovia's economic landscape.