VULCANUS IN EUROPE 2022-2023 : Host a Japanese intern and get a new input into your R&D projects

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation (a joint venture between the Japanese Government and the European Commission) is inviting applications from EU based companies to host Japanese trainees for 7 months, from 18 August 2022(*), through the 'Vulcanus in Europe' scheme.

The trainees come from leading Japanese universities and are students in engineering, IT, biology, chemistry, and other scientific/high-tech fields.
They will be able to communicate in your company’s local EU language.

EU Company’s advantages: a valuable addition to the R&D workforce and an insight into the Japanese culture, extremely useful for successful business with Japan.

(Special consideration will be given to companies prioritizing sustainability.)

- Application deadline: 21 September 2021
- Information & application form:
- Contact: Margherita Rosada on +32 2 282 3715 or by e-mail:

(*) 6 months, from 19 September 2022, in France and Germany